There are numerous assessments that can be taken to help with growth and development. Through each assessment, I gained greater awareness of my strengths and weaknesses to be a strong instrument of change for individuals and in organizations. I encourage you to review the numerous assessments and models listed on this website to learn more about me as a transformational coach. Through the insights of the assessments, I've been able to know how I show up to be more effective in my coaching and consulting to business'. It has been beneficial in understanding  the driver behind my behaviors to make an intentional change on things that are not serving me.



The projects have been done virtually, locally and globally.  I have led a variety of projects and completed hundreds of webinars, trainings, workshops, and retreats.  I specialize in transformational coaching, which is one-on-one consulting for individuals going through transitions and looking for a positive change.  I focus on health and happiness in their life. Also, I work with teams to increase results and performance for organizational effectiveness. Through my academic learning and experience working in teams and on myself, I've been able to learn a lot, as well as grow tremendously to be more impactful as an instrument of change.


Locally, I have worked with real estate companies to assist in goal setting, employee engagement and employee satisfaction. Globally, my team and I worked with executives on a school board to assist with team building tools and techniques to increase organizational effectiveness and team morale.  I have worked with technology firms in appreciative inquiry and vision alignment. In China, our team helped with strategic planning. In my one-on-one coaching, I've empowered individuals to start their own business, work on their relationships and encourage self-development. I work as an accountability partner, facilitator, motivator and resource.


There was a period in my life that I encountered a major transformation after moving to a new place, ending a long-term relationship and leaving a corporate job. It was a time of change and adaptability. However, with new beginnings comes a lot of growth in self-development, love, and awareness of what I want, need and desire.  Through my transitions, I have learned a great deal that has helped to create a life of happiness and fulfillment.  Now, I specialize in assisting others to live a life of purpose and passion with one-on-one coaching to empower individuals to gain clarity in their goals by taking them through an action plan and holding them accountable throughout the process.

This site also provides an overview of my organizational development capabilities with frameworks and point of view as an OD practitioner. I have included tools, projects, and assessments if you are interested in learning more about my consulting.  Looking forward to continuing a conversation to find the gaps in the organization to assist in getting better results.  


Angela Agramonte 

Virtual Transformational Coach & OD Consultant


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