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Throughout my consulting experience, I have worked on multiple projects with clients locally and globally in China, France, and Costa Rica. I received my Masters of Science in Organizational Development from Pepperdine University in the business school. My desire is to collaborate with organizations to utilize the knowledge, experience, and cultural perspective.  The top goal is to build strong partnerships and leverage an employee's greatest potential to help the organization thrive.

In the one-on-one coaching, I have 5 key elements that are incorporated for success:

1. Facilitating the Conversation by Inquiring to Dig Deeper

2. Motivation and Inspiration 

3. Accountability Partner

4. Resources and Support

5. Knowledge, Experience, and Advice

Local Consulting

Locally, in Southern California, I worked with a team to assist a real estate company to decrease turn over and increase results in the organization with their sales teams. 

We interviewed employees to gain more insight, then offered suggestions on training and advice on how to culturally create an environment that promoted opportunities for growth, as well as open communication.  Also, I focus on virtual one-on-one coaching for people that are going through a transition in their life and looking to create a life that is more desirable.  Such as, collaborating with individuals to feel empowered to make better choices around their career, relationships, and personal development. 

France Consulting

In France, I had two projects with two different consulting teams.  The first project incorporated a lot of research in ways companies were creating sustainability in the US, that was presented to the government in Lyon, France. The second project, I led a team of five consultants for a school board where I started by setting clear expectations in the beginning to make sure we were successful in the end.   We used team building tools for our client through the Lencioni model that helped create effective teams that could work together better to make a stronger impact.

Costa Rica Consulting

In Costa Rica, I collaborated with a team of consultants to work with engineers at a Fortune 500 Technology company. We helped them discover a positive outlook and strategy for their team dynamics. We took the teams through a variety of exercises to create more alignment in their vision, mission and values. Through, appreciative inquiry it helped the engineers to look through a different lens, which created tremendous improvement in their performance individually and as a team. We also worked on community building and team building. It was amazing to provide the resources, the space for dialogues that pushed the organization forward in innovation and growth.

China Consulting

In China, I had a three-month engagement, which had some challenges because of the time zone, language barriers and different visions for the future with the key stakeholders. I learned a lot about conflicting personality types in teams, getting clarity and defining roles in leadership, creating alliances, and cultural awareness.  This consulting assignment assisted the executives to come together and create a clear direction on moving forward with their staff on their new division in hospitality.