Transformation Box


12-Steps in 12- Weeks to Transform Your Life in 2019, with a new box every 3-weeks of products supporting local women business' and resources to help you on your journey. You will have one group session a month to check in your accountability and a FB community:

First Box: Physical Health

Step 1: Nutrition

Step 2: Exercise

Step 3: Stress Management​

Second Box: Psychological Health

Step 4: Cognitions and Thought Processes

Step 5: Emotions

Step 6: Behaviors

Third Box: Spiritual Health 

Step 7: Spiritual Development

Step 8: Higher Power Outside Yourself

Step 9: Universal Laws

Fourth Box: Happiness

Step 10: Relationships

Step 11: Career Development, Financial, Education, and Training

Step 12: Hobbies/Interest, Contributions in Society and a balanced schedule

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